My name is Shaelin, and welcome to my passion.

My name is Shaelin-Rose, although everyone just calls me Shaelin. I am a photographer based in Atlanta and Athens, and I'm here to capture the most precious moments of your life. I truly believe in the magic behind photos and being able to remember a moment for as long as you have this little picture. If you value memories just like me, I'm your girl.

My style is what I like to call "enhanced natural." I want to keep my photos true to life, but also pull inspiration from the dreamy colors we see when we think of our past fond memories.

Based in Marietta, Atlanta, & Athens

A little more about me...

I live in Marietta, Georgia, but for most of the year I am at school in Athens (go dawgs!). I'm studying middle grades education, which fits right into my love for making people feel known and seen. I love photography for the same reason: when you're in front of the camera and I'm encouraging you, you are being seen.

No matter who are you are, you are welcome by me. Let me capture your beauty in a portrait, or your love in a wedding. Let's go on a hike and shoot on top of a mountain -- I'm down for adventure! No matter what, voice your ideas to me and I'd love to work with you to make those dreams come true.

Feel free to look around

You will be able to see yourself in my photos