Sunflower Mini Sessions in Georgia

Believe it or not, but I've never been to a sunflower farm before this summer. For as long as I've lived in Georgia, this is kind of surprising. Every single summer, a handful of sunflower farms pop up in my area but I've never gotten the chance to go. So once I had photography as a valid excuse to make the long drive, I was super excited!

Unfortunately, the only day I could make it to the farm was the last day they were open. The whole day, the weather forecast said that it was going to rain this night. Thankfully, it cleared up just a couple hours before the shoot so I decided to keep going with the sessions. However, as I was driving there I saw some scary dark clouds that just screamed rain.

As soon as I turned off the highways, the clouds cleared into a beautiful blue sky. It was actually a perfect night for sunflowers! The slight amount of stress I had immediately went away.

These sessions took place at Creekside Farms in Taylorsville, GA. Their sunflowers were tall and huge, which showed up well in the photos. If you're looking for a farm to go to next summer, I highly recommend them. I'm hoping this can be a new yearly tradition for me and I hope you're as in love as I am!