Photography allows me to be creative,

and that's what I love about it. After years of scrolling on Pinterest and wanting to create images just like them, I've finally found my outlet. I had this idea for a really long time, and I am in love with how it came out!

I styled this shoot with Ashley after creating my vision board on Pinterest. I was imagining the soft light in the morning, the classic tall grass and fake flowers. So, we woke up early and arrived at this location in Cartersville at 7 AM (coffee came with me in the car).

I brought the props with things around my house: a fake potted plant, a picnic blanket, a book from my high school English class that wasn't thoroughly read, and some of my thrifted vintage cameras. Even though these things are little in the grand scheme of things and didn't receive much love sitting around my room, it was so fun to see them come to life in these photos.

After we used all of the props and it was getting warmer outside, we moved to the shade and decided to just work with nothing. Although these shots are simple, they definitely radiate the same adventurous and soft vibes and I absolutely love.

I hope you enjoy this concept as much as I do! If you want to see yourself in the aesthetic of your dreams, I am definitely your go-to. Let's make your Pinterest dreams come true.